Academic Journals

WEP aims to publish journals in all Scientific, Technical and Medical (STM) disciplines and Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH). All journals on the WEP platform are open access and hence freely accessible for all to read. Note that all our journals are indexed in the Google Scholar, CrossRef, ResearchGate, PKP-LN, CLOCKSS, LOCKSS thus ensuring high quality, peer reviewed, open access journals content.

In addition to this, all our journals follow the highest international standards on publishing ethics as described in the ethical frameworks and guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). WEP is a strong advocate of integrity in science and adheres to these guidelines in full. Moreover, we are a staunch supporter of the principles of openness, transparency and reproducibility in research and an organizational signatory of the Transparency and Openness Promotion (TOP) guidelines issued by the Center for Open Science.

Please refer to our portfolio of journals below. For details about a specific journal, please visit the journal homepage by clicking on the journal website.


International Journal of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
ISSN: 29XX-1800, eISSN: 3005-7132


International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology
ISSN: 29XX-1800, eISSN: 3005-7140


International Journal of Global Economics and Management
ISSN: 29XX-1800, eISSN: 3005-8090


International Journal of Social Sciences and Public Administration
ISSN: 3005-9836, eISSN: 3005-9585


International Journal of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies
ISSN: 3006-2012, eISSN: 3006-0834


International Journal of Electric Power and Energy Studies
ISSN: 3006-2004, eISSN: 3006-0826


International Journal of Materials Science and Technology Studies
ISSN: 3006-7693, eISSN: 3006-3744


International Journal of Agriculture and Food Sciences Research
ISSN: 3006-7685, eISSN: 3006-3736


International Journal of Public Health and Medical Research
ISSN: 3006-7707, eISSN: 3006-3752