Study on Optimization of Departure Interval of Pure Electric Bus in Airport Area


  • Haijiao Lin
  • Lixuan Li
  • Alibumi Zhang



Airport area; pure electric; departure interval.


As a zero-emission, pollution-free and pure green public transport, pure electric bus has received more and more attention from society and enterprises. At present, most urban public transport lines in China have basically realized pure electric bus. With the popularization of pure electric bus, the operation and management of pure electric bus in specific areas are required. How to reasonably set the departure time interval, configure the number of vehicles and reduce the charging cost while meeting the travel needs of passengers and the enterprise cost as low as possible has become a hot issue in the research of pure electric bus operation management. In this paper, from the perspective of system cost, a pure electric bus departure interval optimization model is constructed, which considers the comprehensive cost of passengers and enterprises to be minimum. The load factor constraint and departure interval are considered as the main constraints, and the optimal departure interval is obtained.


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