Evaluation of Uncertainty in Flatness Measurement of Coordinate Measuring Machines Based on Monte Carlo


  • Yi Yang
  • Tao Wang
  • Wei Zhang
  • Yuzhou Chang




metrology; coordinate measuring machine; flatness; uncertainty in measurement; Monte Carlo.


Based on the measurement method of coordinate measuring machine flatness, establish a black box evaluation model for CMM flatness measurement uncertainty, and analyze the sources of each uncertainty. Combining measurement examples, this paper elaborates on the evaluation process of CMM flatness measurement uncertainty based on Monte Carlo, calculates the included interval and expanded uncertainty of CMM flatness, and provides reference for the evaluation of CMM flatness measurement uncertainty.


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“Evaluation of Uncertainty in Flatness Measurement of Coordinate Measuring Machines Based on Monte Carlo” (2023) Transactions on Engineering and Technology Research, 1, pp. 143–147. doi:10.62051/ttxbgr96.

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