Development of a Vibration-based Experimental Platform for Diagnosing Gear Pitting Failure in Reducers


  • Juanjuan Li
  • Guofang Wang
  • Sen Jia
  • Yun Wang
  • Yannan Liu



Gear pitting, vibration detection, characteristic signal, test bench.


Gear pitting failure in the reducer has a significant impact on the normal operation and transmission efficiency of the equipment. In this paper, a vibration-based experimental platform for diagnosing gear pitting failure in reducers is developed. The platform aims to simulate gear pitting failure conditions and analyze vibration signal characteristics. Through the validation of experimental results, this paper demonstrates that analyzing vibration parameters such as clearance, impulse, peak value, and vibration intensity, combined with the multiple relationship between fault frequency in vibration spectrum and gear meshing frequency, can accurately determine the type and location of gear failure in the reducer. Furthermore, the experimental platform can simulate gear vibration under different speeds and loads, providing a foundation for accurate diagnosis and identification of gear failures. The developed experimental platform has significant practical value and can provide technical support for the prevention and maintenance of gear failures in reducers.


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