Research on Repair Welding Method for Ground Rail of Stacker in Automated Cigarette Products Warehouse


  • Guorui Li
  • Maosong Li
  • Yu Guo
  • Jinhua Song
  • Yang Zhao
  • Xianan Li
  • Yajie Feng
  • Jun Yin



Repair Welding Method, Ground Rail of Stacker,Automated Cigarette Products Warehouse


As the most important equipment in the automated storage of cigarette product warehouses, the stacker is a machine used for automated operation of high-rise shelves in cigarette product automated warehouses. In order to ensure the safe operation of the stacker crane, it is necessary to promptly repair the ground rail when the local rail cracks. After completing general welding operations such as surfacing, the track cracks again after three days of operation, and the stacker crane makes a huge noise during operation. In order to quickly eliminate abnormal noise in the stacking function and prevent the track from cracking again in a short period of time, this article provides a repair welding method based on the ground rail of the cigarette finished product automated warehouse stacking machine. This method is a new method aimed at the rapid cracking of the track after general repair welding and the significant abnormal noise caused by the operation of the stacker crane.


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