Investigation of the Dilution/Crystallization of CL-20 by Microcalorimetry


  • Simin Zhu
  • Weiwei Ge
  • Liu Yang
  • Kaiqiang He



ε-CL-20; α-CL-20; crystallization dynamics; microcalorimetry; dislocation theory


It is hard to measure the crystalline heat of CL-20 accurately, not only due to the instrument precision, but also β-polymorph transforming to ε-polymorph can be found easily and frequently in the crystallization progress. This work presents a study of experiments to clarify the crystallization model of ε-CL-20 and α-CL-20 using a solvent/antisolvent method by microcalorimetry without β-polymorph appearing. The results show that the crystallization progresses of ε-CL-20 and α-CL-20 are exothermic and they are fit the theory of Burton-Cabrera-Frank dislocation theory.


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