RAINBOW: Resilient Asymmetric Imaging Non-linear Bit-level Ordering with Hyperchaotic Operation for Color image Encryption


  • Wenhui Zhang




Cross-plane, Hyperchaotic, Color Image Encryption.


Hyperchaotic encryption, known for its high level of unpredictability and complexity, is widely used in the field of image encryption. However, current hyperchaotic image encryption tech- niques have certain limitations, particularly in terms of their simplistic processing and lack of depth in layer interaction. These limitations ultimately hinder their effectiveness in ensuring security. In order to overcome these challenges, we propose RAINBOW, a method that integrates bit-level and pixel-level permutation and diffusion across color layer planes. RAINBOW accomplishes a highly complex and diversified permutation process by leveraging the division of bit planes and pixel-level manipulation across color layers. Moreover, we utilize a cross-layer three-dimensional approach in the diffusion process. This approach ensures that the current pixel is influenced by around adjacent pixels, effectively strengthening the image’s security. Through extensive testing on various public color im- age datasets, our results demonstrate that the RAINBOW scheme significantly improves encryption quality and effectively mitigates multiple types of attacks.


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