Dilemma and Breakthrough:The Road of "Common Prosperity" in Rural Social Security


  • Dantong Zhao
  • Yuhang Cao
  • Yawen Huang




Common Prosperity, Social Security, Rural Revitalization


Achieving common prosperity for all people is an essential requirement of socialism and an important feature of Chinese-style modernization. The development of rural social security is related to the realization process of Chinese-style modernization and the realization degree of common prosperity for all the people. While China wins the battle against poverty as scheduled, it must also make solid progress in achieving common prosperity. As an important measure to promote common prosperity, the task of improving the rural social security system is still the focus and difficulty. Practice shows that the construction of rural social security system is still inconsistent with the development concept and value goal of common prosperity. Therefore, it is necessary to deepen reform and timely adjustment to build the foundation of common prosperity and play its role in promoting common prosperity.


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Zhao, D., Cao, Y., & Huang, Y. (2024). Dilemma and Breakthrough:The Road of "Common Prosperity" in Rural Social Security. International Journal of Social Sciences and Public Administration, 3(2), 450-456. https://doi.org/10.62051/ijsspa.v3n2.55

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