Content Characteristics of Explosive Internet Short Web Seriess

Taking Escape from the British Museum as an Example


  • Xinghua Wang



Short Web Series, Emotional Strategy, Hot Marketing


With the arrival of the self-media era, everyone has the possibility to become a short video content creator, and only by doing a good job with the content can the work go farther. The content problem has become the main problem faced by the Short web series on the road of development. At this stage, the literature on the content characteristics of explosive short web series is still incomplete, and most of the literature focuses on the narrative strategy and communication value of the short drama, while the analysis of hot marketing is not perfect. This paper provides a theoretical analysis of hot marketing and emotional strategy, and analyses the content characteristics of the explosive short web series - Escape from the British Museum as a specific case study at the end of last year, in order to provide references and suggestions for the development of short web series and short web series creators.


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