Research on the Path of Interdepartmental Sports and Medicine Cooperation under the Background of Healthy China


  • Yujing Xie
  • Yujing Xiao



Healthy China, Integration of Sports and Medicine, Cross-departmental Cooperation


This paper aims to discuss the current situation and challenges of sports and medicine integration in the context of healthy China,and put forward the development path of cross-departmental cooperation. As an important strategy to meet the health needs of the whole people, the integration of sports and medicine is of great significance for the realization of the goal of healthy China. However, problems such as concept barriers, industry barriers, lack of resource integration and limited degree of cooperation have restricted the in-depth development of sports and medicine integration. Based on the theory of "inter-departmental cooperation", this study made an in-depth analysis of the difficulties encountered in the practice of physical and medical integration. The following development paths were proposed: Firstly, concept innovation should be carried out to enhance the social awareness of the importance of sports and medical integration; Secondly, break the existing departmental barriers, and gradually improve the policy system supporting the integration of sports and medicine; Thirdly, integrate the resources of sports and medical departments to build a scientific operation mode; Finally, we should strengthen cultural construction and establish a cooperative relationship based on trust. Through these measures, we can effectively promote the integration of sports and medicine and contribute to the construction of a healthy China.


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