International Journal of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies

ISSN: 3006-2012 (Print)
ISSN: 3006-0834 (Online)
DOI: 10.62051/ijnres
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Journal homepage: https://wepub.org/index.php/IJNRES/index
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International Journal of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies (IJNRES), a peer-reviewed open access journal published in English-language, provides an international platform for the publication and dissemination of original work that contributes to the understanding of the main and related disciplines of natural resources, environmental science and technology either empirical or theoretical. The journal covers the whole spectrum of natural resources, environmental science and technology, which includes, water resources and conservation, oil, gas and coal engineering, air pollution and prevention, environmental protection and governance, ecological sustainability, and more.

Aims & Scope

The topics related to this journal include:

• Air pollution monitoring & modeling
• Air pollution prevention & control
• Analysis of contaminants
• Aquatic environment
• Assessment of ecosystem services
• Atmospheric environment
• Biological surveillance
• Chemical pollutants & its effects
• Climate change & policy
• Coal and coal seams petrology
• Conservation & environmental protection
• Consumption of energy
• Contaminant pathways
• Cultivated land
• Discharge of wastewater
• Disposal of wastewater
• Drinking-water purification
• Ecosystem sustainable development
• Environmental & occupational health
• Effects of air pollution on public health
• Emission Mitigation
• Energy and biological resources
• Energy balance, efficiency, governance
• Energy saving technology
• Energy sustainability
• Energy Transformation and Transfer
• Environment regulation
• Environment sustainable development
• Environmental biotechnology
• Environmental chemistry
• Environmental monitoring
• Environmental remediation and management
• Exploration and production
• Fossil-fuel energy
• Gas processing/LNG technologies
• Gas-reservoir engineering
• Generation of electric power
• Global climate changes
• Greenhouse gas emission monitoring

• Ground water pollution control
• Hazardous toxic waste management
• Human and Eco-toxicology
• Hydraulic Engineering
• Interdisciplinary environmental issues
• Land pollution and its effects on health
• Methods of monitoring water quality
• Mine environmental protection
• Modern coal-forming environments
• Natural Environment
• Natural gas
• Natural Resource
• New wastewater treatment technologies
• New water purification technologies
• Nuclear power issues
• Nuclear reprocessing
• Oil exploration & refinery
• Petrochemicals
• Petroleum Engineering
• Polluted environments remediation
• Pollution prevention
• Radiation safety
• Renewable energy
• Risk Assessment of environments
• Soil and aquatic science
• Soil and water conservation
• Soil Chemistry
• Solar power and renewable energy
• Solid waste management
• Sustainable development of environment
• Treatment and discharge of wastewater
• Urban/indoor air pollution & control
• Waste management issues
• Wastewater collection and treatment
• Wastewater treatment technologies
• Water purification technologies
• Water resource protection
• Water resource sustainable use
• Water resources & quality assessment