Water Resources Management: China's Water Scarcity Problems and Coping Strategies


  • Xiaoqian Yang




Water Resources Management; Water scarcity; Water risk; China's water scarcity strategy.


China is facing increasing water scarcity, especially in the counties of the North China Plain. Water is mainly used for agricultural, industrial and domestic purposes. China's rapid economic and population growth in recent years has exacerbated water stress. Long-term mismanagement of water resources is also a major cause of water scarcity. Most of China's surface water is recharged by rainfall. Since the rainfall in water-stressed areas is always unstable, the spatial distribution of water resources is uneven. Thus, we can learn that county water deficits across the year are caused by climate change. This paper aims to assess the water risk due to water scarcity and the State of China's water scarcity strategy.


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