Application and Research of Multi-Scale Dynamic Diffusion Permeability Model in Different Coal Ranks


  • Meixuan Ke



Multi-Scale; Dynamic; Permeability; Diffusion.


The spatial scale of coal mining and rock layer control is distributed between 10-10 and 107, spanning 17 orders of magnitude. There are multi-scale pore cracks from millimeter to micro and nanometers in the coal, and the pore size can reach one million times, which makes the coal permeability also show a multi-scale characteristics of millions and time. For the permeability of the coal seam, it is necessary to test and analyze the distribution of micro and nano pores and cracks in the coal [1]. CBM mining is accompanied by the dynamic change of adsorption pressure in coal and the complex deformation of multi-scale heterogeneous structure of coal, and the multi-scale deformation feature of pore fissure structure plays an important role in the transport of methane [2]. However, existing studies focus on treating coal as a homogeneous isotropic medium, without considering the influence of coal multiscale pore structure on permeability. The variation of heterogeneous degree of coal structure with structural scale and its influence on dynamic diffusion and permeability are rarely reported. Li Zhiqiang et al. [3] conducted an experimental-model-mechanism study of CBM gas micro-nano series multi-scale dynamic diffusion permeability. On this basis, the dynamic diffusion and permeability of different coal scales.


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