Optimization of Outlet Flow Pulsation in Axial Piston Pump


  • Rongqiu Shi
  • Zegang Sun




Axial Piston Pump, Throttling Groove, Ripple Egress Flow, AMESim Simulation


Axial piston pumps are commonly used as key equipment in the petroleum industry to transport crude oil and petroleum products. Outlet flow pulsation refers to the periodic change of pump outlet flow in a certain period of time, which will have a certain impact on the petroleum industry. The export flow pulsation will affect the transportation stability of petroleum products, and the export flow pulsation will also affect the quality of petroleum products. The transition zone of the high and low pressure conversion of the distribution disc throttle groove during the operation of the axial piston pump will affect the flow backflow at its outlet, which further affects the flow pulsation. Therefore, the key parameters of different distribution trays are studied. The influence of the key parameters of the V-groove and the U-groove on the flow pulsation of the distribution plate was studied, and the U-shaped groove was optimized, and a V-shaped opening was added at the end of the U-shaped groove to reduce the flow pulsation. 


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