Analysis and Optimization Design of a New Structure U-shaped Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motor


  • Lei Zhao
  • Longqi Zhang
  • Shihao Li



U-type Permanent Magnet Synchronous Linear Motor, Magnetic Block, Magnetic Field Analysis, Multi-objective Optimization Design


A new structure of U-shaped permanent magnet synchronous linear motor is proposed to address the issue of low thrust in U-shaped coreless permanent magnet synchronous linear motors. The motor increased the electromagnetic thrust by 74.36% and controlled the thrust fluctuation within a small range by adding magnetic blocks in the primary and changing the main magnetic circuit structure. In the article, the permanent magnetic field in the motor air gap is first solved using analytical methods, and the influence of harmonic components on the motor thrust and thrust fluctuation is discussed through harmonic analysis of the magnetic flux density in the air gap. Then, the influence of several parameters on motor performance was analyzed, and the Taguchi method was used to screen the optimization variables. A mathematical model reflecting the functional relationship between optimization objectives and parameters was obtained through the response surface method. Finally, the multi-objective optimization algorithm of egret swarm was used to optimize the design of the motor and obtain the Pareto frontier. The effectiveness of the theoretical analysis was verified through finite element simulation.


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Zhao, L., Zhang, L., & Li , S. (2024). Analysis and Optimization Design of a New Structure U-shaped Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motor. International Journal of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, 2(3), 17-31.

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