Scanning Electron Microscope Micromorphology Characterization of Coal Samples from No.3 Coal Seam in Chengzhuang Mine Area


  • Zenan Chen



Anthracite, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Microscopic Morphology, Pore Morphology


Matrix pores in coal reservoirs are important storage sites for adsorbed and free state CBM, and their adsorption amount is closely related to the development of pores and pore structure characteristics in coal. In this paper, coal samples from No. 3 coal seam of Chengzhuang coal mine were taken as the research object, and the microscopic morphology of coal matrix pore fissures was studied by scanning electron microscope. The results found that: in the coal samples of the study area, the pneumatic pores and dissolution pores are especially developed, and more fissures are developed at the same time due to the influence of tectonic action on the coal seam. The coal samples of Chengzhuang No.3 coal seam have many kinds of pore morphologies, mainly including round, wedge-shaped, triangular, slit-shaped and some irregular pores. The morphology, size and distribution of these pores have an important influence on the physical and chemical properties of the coal seam, which provides an important experimental basis for further research on the physical and chemical properties of coal seams and their roles in CBM adsorption, transportation and mining processes.


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