Design and Evaluation of Solar Photocatalytic Reclamation for Purification of Agricultural Wastewater


  • Zixuan Deng
  • Zhishang Wu



Solar Photocatalytis, Purification, Agricultural Wastewater


The study designed and assessed a solar-powered wastewater treatment system tailored for purifying agricultural wastewater in urban residential areas. Integrating advanced technologies, primarily solar energy-driven, the system aims to effectively remove pollutants to meet discharge standards. The detailed analysis included wastewater composition, sources and suitable treatment processes, with emphasis on comparative feasibility analysis and recommended quality assurance measures. The results of the study indicate that solar photocatalytic technology has great potential for degrading pollutants and reducing operating costs. The economic analysis showed that the technology is financially viable with a payback period of about 4.64 years. The photocatalytic system offers a higher level of efficiency and flexibility compared to existing methods. Emphasis is placed on implementing quality assurance to meet safety and environmental standards.


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