Design and Implementation of Intelligent Robot Control System Integrating Computer Vision and Mechanical Engineering


  • Guiran Liu
  • Binrong Zhu



Mechanical engineering, Computer vision, Intelligent robot control system


With the rapid development of science and technology and industry, robot technology has become a key pillar in many fields, especially in industrial manufacturing, robots have been widely used in automated operations. However, in the face of the complex and changeable demands of modern industry, simple mechanized operation can no longer be satisfied, and intelligence has become the inevitable trend of robot technology development. By combining computer vision technology, this study provides robots with powerful environmental awareness and target recognition capabilities, thus achieving higher-level autonomous operation and decision-making. Aiming at the intelligent sorting system, this research adopts XYZ mechanical arm as the execution platform, equipped with TCS34725 color sensor to identify the color of articles, and integrates Hikvision industrial camera and NVIDIA Jetson TX2 image processor to capture and process image data, so as to achieve accurate positioning of articles. In the aspect of software design, this research realizes the function of accurately sorting different color items from the conveyor belt by combining color recognition algorithm and image processing technology with mechanical engineering control. The test results of the system show that the system has high accuracy and stability in color recognition and object positioning, and the trajectory accuracy of the manipulator meets the requirements, which verifies the realization of the research goal. The intelligent robot control system designed in this paper not only improves the level of industrial automation and reduces labor costs, but also broadens the application fields of robots in complex environments.


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Liu, G., & Zhu, B. (2024). Design and Implementation of Intelligent Robot Control System Integrating Computer Vision and Mechanical Engineering. International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology, 3(1), 219-226.

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