Similarity-based Graph Convolution Collaborative Recommendation Approach


  • Wentao Zhao
  • Dewang Wang



Recommender systems, Deep learning, Collaborative recommendation, Item attributes, Graph convolutional neural networks


With the rapid and iterative development of science and technology, a large amount of information exceeds the range that can be accepted, processed, or effectively utilized by an individual or a system, and recommendation algorithms can, to a certain extent, solve such problems, but traditional recommendation algorithms do not have a good solution to the problems related to data sparsity and recommendation accuracy. A similarity-based graph convolutional neural collaborative recommendation method (GCSCF) is proposed. The similarity algorithm based on the attributes of the item is used to find the item with the highest similarity and has not interacted with the current user, and this item is set to interact with the current user. The relevant interaction information of the user and the item is converted into relative feature vectors; the feature vectors are propagated using a graph convolutional neural network to aggregate the localized information, and the weight coefficients based on the item ratings are normalized to reduce the noise caused by the information aggregation. Comparative experiments are conducted on two public datasets, MovieLens-1M and Movielens-100K, with five baseline models on the set, and using Recall, Normalized Discounted Cumulative Gain (NDCG), and Precision as the evaluation metrics, and the results of the experiments show that the performance of the proposed social recommendation model better than other models.


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