High Wideband Digital Oscilloscope Design


  • Song Bai
  • Pengzhang Yu




Equally spaced draw points, FIFO storage, Sinc interpolation


In most test applications, acquisition and analysis involving simultaneous processing of analog and digital signals. However, the bandwidth of most mainstream digital oscilloscopes is limited to 100 MHz, which is unable to meet the testing needs of high-frequency signals in complex electronic systems [1], and therefore, high-bandwidth digital oscilloscopes have emerged. Based on this background, this paper designs a digital oscilloscope hardware platform with high bandwidth by integrating FPGA and ARM technologies, aiming to meet the rigorous testing requirements of modern electronic systems. The FPGA module is based on the xc7s75fgga676 chip, which is mainly responsible for ADC control, data processing and frequency measurement functions. AM5708 is selected as the ARM module to realize the trigger, time base, amplitude and automatic setting functions of the oscilloscope. In order to ensure the accuracy and fidelity of waveform changes, the Sinc function interpolation method is used. This design further improves the acquisition bandwidth and processing speed on the basis of traditional MSO (Mixed Signal Oscilloscope) oscilloscopes, which is of great significance for the acquisition and processing of high-speed signals.


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