AR Lightning Protection Device Teaching System Based On Vuforia


  • Zhenzhen Fan
  • Dahu Wang



Augmented reality, Human-computer interaction, Lightning protection device, Three-dimensional model, Fidelity


With the advent of the information age, augmented reality technology superimposes virtual three-dimensional models and real environments, giving us richer visual effects. Based on this problem, the augmented reality technology is introduced in the teaching process of lightning protection, and the teaching software of AR lightning protection device is developed. Taking various common lightning arrester contents in daily life as an example, Unity3D development engine and Vuforia augmented reality development tools were used to complete the systematic development and teaching of AR lightning protection devices. The realization process includes material resource production, scene construction and function development. After the software is released, the virtual model is presented in three-dimensional form through scanning pictures, which enhances the interest in the teaching process and is conducive to improving the teaching quality.


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Fan, Z., & Wang, D. (2024). AR Lightning Protection Device Teaching System Based On Vuforia. International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology, 3(1), 134-138.

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